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When you click on this piece it ALSO has the inked version in the description, thank you and have a nice day!

Posted by OnecreatorDan - November 21st, 2018

Here's some recent art I finished of Hellboy!



YOU BETTER LIKE IT...I'm kidding :o)

Aside from that things have been allright, as many of you know a shit ton of people are moving off tumblr and on to here. i hope this site gets a spike in traffic, which it probably should considering how fucked it is to post to tumblr these days. Its sad, i went there to escape Deviant Art but HERE WE ARE. I've been a member on here for years, so i already enjoy this site.

many of my friends have moved onto here, they'll be trying there best to upload here.

It's definitely gonna be difficult, but I'm hoping his place will be better for them.


Aside from that, not much to update, I have a day job so I work on art when I can. Dont have much plans for stuff but I'll keep you all in when I can.

Right now, its mostly vague ideas, wanna start working on more comic pages, random art, etc.

Posted by OnecreatorDan - October 1st, 2018

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Posted by OnecreatorDan - May 15th, 2018

Been ahwile since I've really posted anything art related, most of my stuff is being worked on right now, unfortuantly I get busy a lot with my day job during the week. My job schedule is typically pretty screwed, leading to a loss of personal time. I havent even touched a video game in over a week.

Mostly at the moment I work on my Zine when I can, its mostly personal art. On the side I work on Commission examples. Currently 4(maybe 5...) things are being worked on. I usually reserve my time to do 2 at a time. I wanna post art again, hopefully soon. Some days I get bad depression and I feel like I cant do anything, so sometimes my progress is halted on stuff.

I'm mostly active on twitter, but I love Newgrounds a lot due to it being so art focused. Unfortuantly it isnt as popular as other web platforms, I wish Newgrounds was more popular. On the other end sometimes I'm glad its not, I dont want this site to be like deviant art. Recently mentally I havent felt to well, I've been drawing when I have time, but hopefully I'll feel better soon.

I dont have many fans but I think this update was needed.